Conington Parish Council

The Parish Council is the third tier of local government covering the Parish of Conington.  The two tiers above are Huntingdonshire District Council (HDC) and Cambridgeshire County Council (CCC).

We aim to provide services for the Parish of Conington, within the resources provided by the annual budget (precept) from HDC, taking into account the wishes of village residents and the need to obtain value for money.

The Council is a body that is distinct from its members (either as individuals or collectively) and its acts, assets and liabilities are its own and not those of its members.

The part-time Clerk to the Council is a statutory office holder and is paid a salary for official duties. 

Councillors are volunteers.  All councillors are required to declare various interests and to withdraw from discussions should a conflict of interest arise.

The Parish Council is non-political.  It is solely involved in issues, items and developments for the villages' benefit and assistance.

Conington Parish
  • 457th War Memorial

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